Tour Highlights

The Discovery Miami Beach audio tour experience is filled with fun facts, did you know and details only insiders can share. To give you a taste of the self-guided audio tour, here are just a few of City’s famous and infamous locations that you will experience as you discover Miami Beach.

Casa Casuarina/Versace Mansion  This Mediterranean-styled mansion was originally built in 1930. Its most famous resident was the fashion designer Gianni Versace Despite it now being an exclusive club to the likes of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Carmen Elektra it is still the place for the glitziest parties on Miami Beach.


The Cameo/Miami Beach Club Scene  The velvet rope began at the Cameo club. Only the prettiest of the pretty were going to get in to this spot. Cameo helped to launch South Beach’s club scene which grew quickly with the openings of Crowbar, Club Neu and Liquid Lounge, the favorite spot of Madonna, Cher and Queen Latifa.

Delano  In 1995 hotelier Ian Schrager and designer Philip Stark joined forces to introduce minimalism design to the world. The hotel’s high style included a bit of whimsy with an ode to Alice in Wonderland with large chess pieces located on the property. The infinity pool is where Madonna and other celebrities could be found soaking up the sun.

Lincoln Road  This street that goes from the ocean to the bay has had many incarnations. At its heyday it was know as the Fifth Avenue of the South. It served as a haven for artists before it received a $16 million renovation in 1999. Now it is again the street where the pretty people can be found shopping or enjoying a meal at one of the al fresco dining establishments. 

Joe's Stone Crab Restuarant   This 4th generation family run restaurant has served its famous stone crabs to President Clinton, Bush 41 & 43, Steve Tyler and Drew Barrymore. Muhammad Ali was a regular who would go into the kitchen and scoop his own ice cream. Talk about a dining scene, it was rumored that mobsters Al Capone and Meyer Lansky were dining while the FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was enjoying his claws and special sauce at a nearby table. 

Hotel Cardozo  This art deco hotel classic located on Ocean Drive was acquired by Gloria and Emilio Estefan in the 1990s. With the opening of their restaurant, Ocean Drive became a culinary destination.  The Estefans’ aren’t the only star-power singers to take up residence at the hotel, legendary Frank Sinatra was hosted in his heyday.


Hotel Carlyle  In the movie The Birdcage, Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, used the Carlyle lobby as one of its sets. The colorful antics of this twosome brought lively attention to Miami Beach.

News Cafe  Named for the more than 30 international newspapers it carries daily, News Café made people watching a sport when it opened in 1988. It is known that after a night of partying many celebs head here for breakfast. It was also the favorite spot for designer Gianni Versace to pick up his daily paper and espresso. 

Jackie Gleason/The Fillmore  This structure came to life in the 1960s when Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Cab Calloway and Elvis Presley took to the stage at the then named Miami Beach Municipal Theater. In 1964 Jackie Gleason took up residence with his weekly hit show for two seasons. Now it is home to some of biggest entertainment acts.