Discovery Miami Beach Launches Audio Tours

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Miami Discovery Tour

Tours can sometimes be on the limited side when considering that different people take in sightseeing at different rates than others. Sometimes you want to really soak in what you're looking at and other times you want to just move on to the next attraction. Discovery Miami Beach is now launching a tour which grants the freedom to come and go as you please. Instead of parading around with a large group, you can now indulge in Miami Beach at your own pace.

Rather than relying on a tour guide, each patron will be given a headset and media player, which will feature narration and direction that will guide you along and explain what you're seeing. If you'd like to stop the tour and bask in the beauty of New World Symphony or the Casa Casuarina mansion, you may completely at your leisure. Among some of your digital tour guides that will explain some of these sites include Miami historian Seth Bramson, artist Romero Britto, Mayor Matti Herrera Bower, and columnist Tara Solomon, among others.

Bus tours are also available, but if you'd like to walk or drive around yourself, Discovery Miami Beach's audio tour is a great way to make your Miami visit your very own.